Attend the Panel, Be Informed, Win Prizes!

Are you 18 or older?  Do you have nothing to do late night on friday and are attending Otakon next week?!

Then you better have your ass at ‘Visual Novels: Moe, Drama and Everything In Between!!‘ at 12:30 am, Panel room 4 at the Hilton!

To be clear, the title is a lot more generic than I had intended and when the panel became more ‘MangaGamer’ focused over time, I  realized it wasn’t as suiting as it could have been but I can’t change it now.  Still, there will be a ‘Visual Novels 101’ presentation, MangaGamer news, Trivia and Prizes and Q&A from MangaGamer staffer Kouryuu!

So, hit their booth in the dealer’s room and then friday night, hit up the panel!  If you come well informed enough, you just might win something that’s ‘really’ awesome!

Also, general update, I will still be doing daily video recollections for Otakon!  Starting wednesday and ending sunday, although wednesday’s footage will probably be edited into thursday’s footage because there won’t be much to see.

I’ve also canned plans for the DQIX video review, but will be doing a full text review after Otakon, this is ONLY because I realize that these video reviews could use scripting and between the panel work, planning of the Otakon trip and various housework, I haven’t had the time or desire to squeeze in excess and unnecessary work for a non-urgent review.

Other than that, I hope to see some folks at the panel!


Dragon Quest IX Review (2-3 hours in)

I received Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies earlier in the mail today, courtesy of who pretty much is my main supplier for gaming (And this isn’t for any reason other than I love their service and the speed at which they get me new games) and I have to say so far I’m pretty satisfied.  The combat is as traditional as ever so I’m not feeling too ‘out of my zone’ and the graphics are actually pretty stellar for a DS game…  Potentially the best so far?  Mmm, that might be pushing it, but it’s just speculation!

What I’m ‘most’ impressed by at the moment is the ‘Recruiting’ system.  Due to the implementing of multiplayer (local wifi only ;-;) there’s a need to allow the player to fill the void with his ‘OWN’ party members this time around.  If you’ve played Class of Heroes, you are definitely going to feel RIGHT at home playing this.  The cost is initial stat distribution with a good character creation system in its place.  Let me just say though that there’s only one thing that I don’t like about it…

And that is that this is the replacement for having other party members.  If you were looking for a heavy party member character driven story WELL…  You’re shit out of luck I’m afraid.  There’s no Yangus, no Jessica, no…  Um…  What was the other guys name?

*5 minutes later*

Angelo, that’s right…  Why couldn’t I remember that?

ANYWAY, there’s no heavy character development as there was in the previous game.  Now, this is not to say the game is devoid of story altogether, in fact I’m still quite heavily in the dark concerning what’s going on.  So at least on that part, I’m still fairly pleased.  Other blogs would probably be eager to discuss the story but I’d like to avoid that, half of the fun I’m having so far is having no clue what happened yet.

Otherwise, the game is Dragon Quest.  You know the menu system, Attack, Examine, Flee, Misc and then from there, Attack, Abilities, Spells, Items and Defend.  What’s NEW this time around is the Coup de Grace ability, which I’ve read is apparently a sort of ‘limit break’ function, though I’ve yet to unlock it.

What is welcome new change wise are things like better leveling, in a case where you are not spending hours and hours and hours trying to go up one level.  Because there are 12 classes, 2,400 skill points PER class to gain and an infinite amount of possibilities for your created characters to make, they almost HAD to do this for the sake of making it so that way the player isn’t overwhelmed by leveling.  Also, while gold gain hasn’t changed DRASTICALLY, it’s a bit easier this time around.

However, the biggest and most welcomed change to the gameplay is this: Upon dying in a fight, you do not lose EXP gained.  If you succeed in a fight, the amount of fighting and time the dead players have spent in battle, is still calculated.  In my case, upon fighting my second boss, I lost all my party members BUT my PC.  What resulted was depending on how long that party member was in battle and contributed, that’s how much EXP they got.  Due to my Warrior reaching a state of super high tension and doing EASILY half or a third of damage to the boss’ Hit Points, this resulted in her receiving the most EXP after my MC.

And in general, no longer will your character be behind in leveling.  They’ll continue to gain EXP at a moderate rate, meaning freshly made party members or freshly swapped out classes will still gain EXP at a fair rate without being a pain and causing you to be screwed for the rest of the game just because a boss slaughtered you and got lucky.

Being only 2-3 hours in though, this is where I’m afraid I must cut the review short.  I’ll have a more full review later on and then a ‘multiplayer’ review after Otakon when I’ve had the chance to sample out the multiplayer content.  For now and I doubt I’ll think any otherwise later, I’ll give the suggestion of a definite purchase.  It’s 35 bucks, there’s 30-60 hours of single player content and with DLC planned to be released weekly in the form of new sidequests throughout the next year, this will be a good and fairly inexpensive investment in gaming.  And with Dragon Quest IX on the DS, you can play it wherever you want, meaning now you can destroy your free time more easily on the go.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got more game to play~

Let’s Get Started!

The hello world thing is kinda stupid, shouldn’t wordpress just let me make my own opening?

Ah well, welcome to A Particular Nerdy Sample Platter!  What can you expect here?  Well, just about anything I decide on.  I’m here to give general commentary on all that I consider ‘nerdy’.  Television, movies, anime, manga, video games, visual novels and various other topics!

What am I NOT here to do?  Well, I’m not here to tell you what to do.  Don’t expect reviews with NUMBERS attatched to them, don’t expect me to be on a particular schedule (for now at least) and don’t expect me to do things with some kind of ‘spin’ of a perspective.

I made this cause I felt a lack of ‘neutral’ blogs like this was somewhat lacking.  I try and pride myself on that, which is just looking at everything entertainment wise and going, ‘Why not give it a chance?’.

…In retrospect, maybe that’s a better blog title.

And I know I said that I wasn’t going to give a schedule, but I can give a small list of what I’ll be covering soon on this blog:

  • A Review of Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky
  • A 4 Day Long Personal Blog for Otakon 2010
  • Episode Commentaries for Anime Series such as Highschool of the Dead, Katanagatari, Digimon Xros Wars, Shukufuku no Campanella and more
  • And Last But Not Least, General Announcement Commentary!

So, expect all this and whatever else I decide on in the future!  Also, please feel free to email me if you have some suggestions or ideas as to how to improve the site and make it a little more personal.  If you want to offer designing a background or something else, that would be awesome too.  I’m not objective to the thought of welcoming others into making this something bigger than what it is for now.